Family Lore Focus arose (unsurprisingly) out of the Family Lore blog. Whilst there is some shared content with the blog, this site contains solely serious content on the subject of family law, including links to news, cases, legislation updates, articles and what other family law bloggers around the world are saying. More frivolous family law-related stories (and some serious content) will continue to appear on the blog.

Please note that whilst it is hoped that you find the material linked to here useful, no guarantee is given as to the accuracy of that material.

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Family Lore Focus , as the Family Lore blog, is written by John
Bolch, who is a non-practising solicitor with more than twenty-five years' experience specialising in family law. John was a long-time
member of Resolution, and a member of the Law Society's Family Law Panel.

John gave up practising in 2009 and is now working freelance writing about family law. His book, Do Your Own Divorce was published in August 2009.

You can email John at: john[at]familylore.co.uk.

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