Family mediators call on lawyers and judges to be more supportive

Initiative is reminder to family lawyers of their duty to consider all dispute resolution options.

Full story: Solicitors Journal

Mr Justice Bodey departs from equality on basis of unmatched contributions

Judgment gives wife 37.5% of £36.95 million.

Full story: Family Law Week

Judge criticises local authority practice in 148 week care proceedings

A total of six social workers were involved in the case leading to failures in working with the family.

Full story: Community Care

Munby: video-links in family courts 'a disgrace'

The president of the family division has berated the state of equipment in family courts, including his own court in London's Royal Courts of Justice.

Full story: Law Society Gazette

Adopted sons 'unjustly' taken from parents

A couple whose two sons were taken into care and adopted may be victims of a miscarriage of justice, says a solicitor.

Full story: BBC News

Proposed changes to Practice Direction 12J – Child Arrangement and Contact Orders: Domestic Violence and Harm

Women’s Aid welcomes recommendations of Cobb Review.

Full story: Family Law Week

10% decrease in number of children with a placement order waiting to be placed

Number of children adopted from care has decreased.

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Court of Appeal: Divorcée can be identified

Appeal judges lift an order protecting parties’ anonymity.

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Bezeliansky v Bezelianskaya [2016] EWCA Civ 76 (24 January 2017)

Applications by husband for permission to appeal against variation of capital provision in consent order and to appeal against three committal orders.

Full report: Bailii

N (Hague Convention: Habitual Residence), Re [2017] EWHC 63 (Fam) (24 January 2017)

Application by mother, seeking return of 3 year old daughter to Canada. Application dismissed.

Full report: Bailii

Goyal v Goyal (No. 3) [2017] EWFC 1 (16 January 2017)

Further judgment in long-running ancillary relief proceedings, dealing with outstanding issues, including the variation of a periodical payments order.

Full report: Bailii

Kacper Nowakowski v Poland (Application No 32407/13) (European Court of Human Rights, 10 January 2017)

Private law children – Contact – Art 8, European Convention – Father had communication difficulties due to hearing and speech impairment – Contact reduced in part due to difficulties – Whether there had been a breach of Art 8, European Convention.

Full report: Family Law

SNM v TNM [2017] EWFC B2 (19 January 2017)

Application by mother for permission to permanently remove two children from this jurisdiction to Canada.

Full report: Bailii
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Sharing v needs: X v X (Application for a Financial Remedies Order) [2016] EWHC 1995 (Fam)

X v X illustrates the way in which high value cases can be approached and also the way in which competing arguments over the approach the court should take might be resolved.

Full article: Family Law

The FDAC trial for change – combining expert assessment and intervention during proceedings

Here we are going to describe one of the key differences between FDAC and ordinary care proceedings – the process of assessment and intervention that takes place within the court process.

Full article: Family Law

Review of Practice Direction 12J FPR 2010 – Child Arrangement and Contact Orders: Domestic Violence and Harm. A Report to the President of the Family Division and a Draft Revised PD12J

Report to the President of the Family Division.

Full article: Family Law
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Wife leads – and loses – fight to keep divorce hearings secret

The Times reported earlier this week that a case was about to be heard in which the Court of Appeal was being asked to consider the question of privacy in respect of financial remedy cases and appeals – and that it was thought that the Appeal Judges might issue some guidance to clear up a rumbling dispute about the correct approach to the privacy of ex-couples in this sort of case.

Full post: The Transparency Project

Rock bands, impenetrable vocabulary and Peers of the realm making off with wards of Court

There’s a High Court case that I’m going to briefly write about, called Egeneonu v Egeneonu 2017.

Full post: suesspiciousminds

Revised guidance issued on the duration of orders made ex parte (without notice)

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has issued guidance on the duration of orders made without notice (ex parte) in family proceedings, revising guidance issued in 2014.

Full post: Family Law Blog

If the Health and Care Professions Council really have found the social workers who lied on oath in ‘the Hampshire case’, NOT to have committed professional misconduct, should they publish this decision?

An important conversation burst out on twitter last night, with the suggestion that the three social workers found by the family court to have lied on oath, may now have been cleared of professional misconduct by the Health and Care Professions Council.

Full post: The Transparency Project

What does open justice actually mean?

The notion that justice must be seen to be done needs little introduction to either a lay or legal audience,  but its familiarity belies an underlying complexity.

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