Sharia councils inquiry launched

The Home Affairs Committee is launching an inquiry into Sharia councils operating in the UK.

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EU referendum result - statement from Resolution Chair

Statement of Resolution Chair Nigel Shepherd following the EU referendum result.

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18 EU countries agree to clarify rules on property regimes for international couples

On 9 June 18 member states (not including the UK) of the EU reached a general approach on two regulations aimed at determining the rules applicable to property regimes for married couples or registered partners in cross-border situations.

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Judge allows man to 'die with dignity' despite objections

The High Court has allowed a hospital to withhold resuscitation treatment for a dying patient with advanced dementia.

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Child cruelty offences in England highest in a decade

Rise of 75% in offences recorded by police in last ten years.

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High court refuses to publish Ben Butler judgment from 2014

Judge denies media application, saying releasing document could prejudice any retrial of man who murdered Ellie Butler.

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Supreme Court strikes out appeal in Re D (A Child)

The Supreme Court has handed down its judgment in Re D (A Child) [2016] UKSC 34, striking out the appeal on the ground that it does not have jurisdiction to hear the appeal.

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Ellie Butler judge 'took unwarranted steps' to reunite her with violent parents

Mrs Justice Hogg criticised by case review for ‘extraordinary’ decision to return child 11 months before father beat her to death.

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M v Press Association [2016] EWCOP 34 (23 June 2016)

Application to vary reporting restriction order, in case that concerned provision of life-sustaining treatment to a patient.

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A (A Child), Re [2016] EWCA Civ 572 (23 June 2016)

Appeals against collection order and order requiring return of child to Sweden. Appeal against collection order dismissed and appeal against return order allowed.

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M (A Child), Re [2016] EWHC B17 (Fam) (02 March 2016)

Care and placement proceedings commenced shortly after child's birth, due to extremely serious health issues of both child and his mother, who subsequently died.

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In the matter of D (A Child) [2016] UKSC 34 (22 June 2016)

Appeal by father against refusal to recognise Romanian custody order. Held that the Supreme Court did not have jurisdiction to entertain the appeal, which was therefore struck out.

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QQ, Re [2016] EWCOP 22 (07 March 2016)

Application by psychiatric hospital in relation to medical treatment of 26 year old woman who has a diagnosis of an emotionally unstable personality disorder and schizophrenia.

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Brexit and international family law

This note is exclusively on family law but is part of the bigger political and legal picture.

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Domestic violence: where are we now?

As recently as 10 years ago, police and prosecutors in the UK turned a blind eye to domestic abuse, considering it unimportant and ‘lesser’ to other forms of violence.

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Judicial discretion in proprietary estoppel claims

Lord Justice Lewison's decision in Davies and Another v Davies [2016] EWCA Civ 463 involved an analysis of the broad judgmental discretion required to adjudicate a proprietary estoppel claim.

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What price transparency?

Lucy Reed explains what has, until now, prevented her blogging about the Ellie Butler case.

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Very tangled web and a very sad situation

Re E (Children -Fact Finding) [2015] EWFC B217 (28 April 2015).

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Adopting more children from care will save £310m, says government – or does it?

Community Care tweeted this week that “Adopting more children from care will save £310m, says government“, linking to the article of the same name.

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Can an adoption order be undone?

An adoption order made by a court in England and Wales is normally irreversible, once the time limits for appeal have passed. This premise will be under scrutiny in October, when a re-hearing of an earlier fact-finding family court decision is scheduled.

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Inordinate delay in issuing proceedings (£45K damages)

Re X, Y and Z  (Damages: Inordinate Delay in issuing proceedings) 2016.

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