Ten years since the 2007 Child Support Convention

There are now 38 Contracting Parties.

Full story: Family Law Week

Sexual abuser 'still has parental rights' over his children

A man jailed for sexually abusing his own children has tried to stop them from going on holiday with their mother.

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Additional £1 million announced for Adoption Support Fund

Fair access limits will remain as at present until March 2020.

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Councils react to no extra funding for children's services

‘We’ve reached a tipping point,’ says Local Government Association.

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Child Support Agency caseload falls to just over 900,000

Closure process reduces caseload by 44,000 in quarter.

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Domestic abuse: 10% of young women affected - ONS

More than 10% of women aged between 16 and 19 in England and Wales say they have experienced domestic abuse in the past year, research suggests.

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Budget gives divorced couples exemption on stamp duty surcharge

Divorcing couples who faced paying higher stamp duty rates will be given reprieve in a moved which reversed one of the unintended consequences of previous legislation.

Full story: The Telegraph

MoJ warns on reliability of old forensic tests in family cases and issues guidance for concerned clients

Warning concerns cases carried out by Trimega between 2010 and 2014.

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M (A Child : secure accommodation order) [2017] EWHC 3021 (Fam) (23 November 2017)

Application by local authority for a secure accommodation order in respect of a 15 year old child.

Full report: Bailii

HK (Serious Medical Treatment) (No.3) [2017] EWHC 2991 (Fam) (07 July 2017)

Further judgment in proceedings concerning medical treatment for a 14-week-old baby who suffered catastrophic brain damage.

Full report: Bailii

HK (Serious Medical Treatment) (No.2) [2017] EWHC 2581 (Fam) (03 July 2017)

Judgment in proceedings concerning medical treatment for a 14-week-old baby who suffered catastrophic brain damage.

Full report: Bailii

T (A Child) [2017] EWCA Civ 1889 (23 November 2017)

Appeal concerning the extent to which a family court may exercise its jurisdiction to grant a non-molestation injunction under FLA 1996 to protect a child who is the subject of a care order.

Full report: Bailii

NA (A Child), Re [2017] EWHC 2902 (Fam) (03 October 2017)

Application by mother for permission to appeal against an order that child should continue to live with her father. Permission refused.

Full report: Bailii
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Index Linking Periodical Payments

Andrew Campbell, barrister, Queen Elizabeth Building, analyses the impact of indexation on periodical payment awards with illuminating practical examples showing why this aspect of the award can make a material difference to the payer and the payee.

Full article: Family Law Week

How can the courts protect children from extremism?

Complex cases involving the children of families in which there are adults suspected of undertaking activities linked to terrorism or of involvement in radicalisation are facing family judges up and down the country as child protection services grapple to deal with the immediate effects of extremism.

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Claiming for the costs of a surrogacy arrangement: A new head of loss?

In the recent case of XX v Whittington Hospital NHS Trust XX received £74,000 for the cost of two surrogacies in the UK. This was because XX was unable to bear children as a direct consequence of her delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer.

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Dodgy drug test results – what should I do?

On 21 November the Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal’s Service issued advice for those concerned about potentially unreliable forensic toxicology (drug) tests in some family cases.

Full post: The Transparency Project

Who protects the social workers?

When a child dies, it is often social workers whose names pop up in the press, who are vilified and blamed.

Full post: The Transparency Project

The court’s role in sanctioning medical treatment and the withdrawal of medical treatment of children: “Parental autonomy and a child’s best interests: Should the courts have the final say?”

This was the vexed question posed at the 11th Family Justice Council Annual Debate last night.

Full post: The Transparency Project

Secrecy and disproportionality in the family courts

Attempts to ‘conflict out’ a party to family proceedings.

Full post: dbfamilylaw

Equal Civil Partnerships: Implications of Strasbourg’s latest ruling for Steinfeld and Keidan

Ratzenböck and Seydl v Austria (ECtHR) 26 October 2017.

Full post: UK Human Rights Blog
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