Over a quarter of adopted families in crisis, survey shows

More than a quarter of adopted families are in crisis, according to a survey by the BBC and charity Adoption UK.

Full story: BBC News

Two million couples missing out on tax break, says HMRC

Nearly half the couples eligible to claim marriage tax allowance are still failing to do so, according to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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President of Family Division tells new family lawyers: “We have to embrace technology.”

Over 200 family lawyers and other family justice professionals at the start of their careers gathered this week in Central London, to take part in Resolution’s inaugural national YRes conference.

Full story: Resolution

Labour-backed report calls for more generous legal aid system

Review criticises coalition government’s cuts and calls for new law enshrining right to justice.

Full story: The Guardian

Eligibility criteria relaxed for family magistrates

Requirement to sit in crime for two years to be removed.

Full story: Family Law Week

reunite publishes further international child abduction guides for India and Pakistan

Following reunite's publication in July of a ´Guide to International Child Abduction and Poland´ the charity has published two further guides, relating to India and Pakistan.

Full story: Family Law Week

Flexible court hours pilot is postponed

Now due to start in February 2018.

Full story: Family Law Week

Children and Social Work Act 2017 (Commencement No. 1) Regulations 2017

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 (Commencement No. 1) Regulations 2017 bring specified provisions of the Children and Social Work Act into force on 31 October 2017.

Full story: Family Law Week
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SCC v MSA & Anor [2017] EWCOP 18 (20 September 2017)

Hearing dealing with issue of whether patient's mother should act as his Rule 3A representative, given that she is the person responsible for implementing restrictive care arrangements that constitute a deprivation of liberty.

Full report: Bailii

Kent County Council v Z (Family Assistance Order or Supervision Order) [2017] EWFC B63 (18 July 2017)

Final hearing of public law proceedings concerning two children, the issue being whether there should be a supervision order or a family assistance order.

Full report: Bailii

LFL v LSL (McKenzie Friends : breach of court orders) [2017] EWFC B62 (18 August 2017)

Final hearing of wife's application for financial remedies, including explanation of refusal of application for rights of audience by McKenzie friend for husband.

Full report: Bailii

M v A Hospital [2017] EWCOP 19 (20 September 2017)

Application, in effect, for the court to determine that it would be in best interests of a woman suffering from Huntington's disease not to continue to receive clinically assisted nutrition and hydration, with the consequence that she would die.

Full report: Bailii

D, Re (Medical Treatment) [2017] EWCOP 15 (05 September 2017)

Application by mother of 27 year old man lacking capacity for a declaration and order that it is in his best interests to receive stem cell treatment for his brain injury at a clinic in Belgrade in Serbia.

Full report: Bailii
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Lessons from Gard: time for independent assessors?

The case of Charlie Gard – the child who had severe brain damage and could not see or hear or breathe unaided because of a mitochondrial condition – calls for pause for procedural thought.

Full article: Family Law

Divorce and Family Trusts: Three lines of attack and how to shut them down

A spouse looking to make a claim over a family trust has three potential lines of attack.

Full article: Family Law

Public Law Clients with Learning Disabilities – Bridging the Gap

Gillian Geddes, barrister, of Hind Court considers the correct focus for public law arguments in support of parents with learning disabilities being allowed to care for their children.

Full article: Family Law Week
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‘The Right to Justice’: political slogan or something more sinister?

The Right to Justice (Fabian Policy Report, September 2017.

Full post: dbfamilylaw

Let’s be clear: “Right to die” and “Withdrawal of treatment” are not the same

The recent judgment of Mr Justice Peter Jackson that doctors and relatives do not always need to consult the court before withdrawing medical treatment from a terminally ill patient has been reported under headlines labelling it a “right to die” case. This is wrong and risks conflating two quite different situations in the lay reader’s mind.

Full story: The Transparency Project

Domestic Abuse – revised guidance issued – what does it say?

PD12J is the part of the family court rules that sets out how the court should deal with allegations of domestic abuse.

Full post: The Transparency Project

Post-Brexit frameworks—what are the options?

The UK government policy papers outlining the legal mechanisms for engaging with the EU after Brexit have come in for protracted criticism. With reciprocity a key element of settling disputes in family law, Eleri Jones, barrister at 1 Garden Court, explains the options.

Full post: Family Law Blog

Social workers should not hide – they are accountable to all of us

Child protection social workers are agents of the state, says Lucy Reed.

Full post: Pink Tape
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